Thursday, November 17, 2011

Playing Rewind

November 17th. Wow, it's amazing how time fleets swiftly. Today marks my fourth month here in the United States. Yes, days went by unnoticed. It feels like it was only this morning when I secretly shed a tear inside the plane that would take me to Narita, Japan. From there, we'd hop to another plane that would take me to Portland, Oregon.

On my way to the airport, the picture of being reunited with my husband--after three freaking months of not seeing each other--made me excited. I could hardly believe that after going through the paperwork nightmare and a long waiting game, we'd be back into each other's arms again and start life in a place where only fate can help us. Thoughts of him made me busy inside the cab. Actually, it was my way of not letting my heart get into the situation.

But emotions made me powerless after boarding time. For one second, my mind figured in an imbroglio inside, with blurry scenarios popping up. I didn't plan to give it a minute but yeah, the mood inside just ate me whole. I struggled to not let the lady sitting next to me see me getting teary-eyed because it would be very funny. So, I pulled a tissue from my pocket and wiped my tears away. It was still a puzzle for me, back then, why suddenly it happened. Was it because I knew it will be long before I'd see my siblings again? Was it because I will definitely miss flying to Palawan? Was it something just natural and normal?  Or, was it because this was one flight where I wouldn't be home later?

FIRST GLIMPSE: These islands hinted that we were in Japan. 
I didn't bother to figure that out. After all, we planned for this move to the US to happen anyway. An image of a coffee cup being handed to me by the stewardess helped me ditched the dramatic scene in my head. Then she poured some more, when she came back to check if I was done. A few minutes later, her colleague asked me if I wanted some wine. And my reply--which was a smile--was not misquoted. She left me with a happy face. After a few sips, I started to enjoy the flight.