What Did You Do For Lunch? (Our Lunchtime Wedding Story)

MY WEDDING SHOES. Old and rugged "chucks"
Have you ever heard of a girl who sneaked out of work during lunch time, quickly headed to the town hall with her three friends and signed up for a marriage contract? Then after 5-10 minutes, she went back to work? Take note,  she was wearing her usual pair of jeans, topped it with a white blouse and finished her get-up with a ponytail and black canvass shoes (that Filipinos call “chucks”). 

If your answer is NO, then read on. This one is very true.

Welcome to my post about my fun wedding story. As an iPod touch would banner it, it’s one of the “funnest” wedding tales you’d ever know.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010. For some people who saw my status on that fateful day, it meant nothing.

10/5 = 2 (The two of us ...awww, spell C-H-E-E-S-Y).

The two of us picked this date with a William Tell attitude—whatever the arrow hits because for us, that event was a sure shot already. We were just there to fulfill the legal aspect of our union. The marriage of the minds already happened when we agreed to embark on a relationship. Our hearts made up their decisions for us.

One of the witnesses that I tagged along didn’t know what we were up to. I just asked him to come with us to the City Hall. On our way, inside the cab, his imagination gave him ideas of being slapped with a criminal case at the trial court or other things worse. But he shared, when we got there, that the idea of me tying the knot with John also crossed his mind. But was it possible? That was a thought that he was unable to reconcile.

The groom was already there when we arrived. He looked handsome with his neatly pressed outfit. He seldom dons long sleeves and slacks so you can tell; this was a big day for him, for us. He greeted me with this line “Honey, you’re late.”

Yes, I was late for my wedding. Hahaha! The time estimate that the court’s clerk gave us was around 11:00AM to 11:30AM. We arrived at 11:15AM and the judge decided to attend to the first couple who got there.

To make the long story short, the wedding proper lasted for 5 minutes. The waiting game outside must have taken some 25-30 minutes. My friends and I were supposed to be “out for lunch” so we really had to hurry outside after signing all the papers, after that wedding smooch (don’t believe those wedding movies), and after accidentally responding to the judge with a “yeah, yeah” instead of “I Do, Your Honor.”

It was fun because the discussion of the conjugal properties opened doors for humor. For example, because I am long-haired and John’s hair is thinning out, I was thinking of sharing half of the strand count with him. And he grabbed my favourite pen as the judge explained the part of the wife sharing her assets with him. (So you can relate with this part, I am in a relationship with my gel pens, as though it's my biggest fetish). How cheap! Haha.

So there, my dream wedding came true. I never liked to wear make-up and dress so that wedding was so fun for me. John wasn’t a fan of big weddings too, we like intimate ones. Of course, we weren't really cheapskates. We went out for dinner with my friends at Cafe Breton, a French place that John and I would frequent. That for me was the happiest and the best wedding reception. 

There is a reason why I handpicked the people I shared the wedding with and will come up with a separate post for that.  For now, I hope you liked what I shared. The fun and heavy sides of this story were taken on a serious note.

Our bond is real. So is our marriage.

And oh, my family knew about this. They were informed, the day before.


  1. Quite an unusual wedding. Even the preparations were unassuming. :-)

  2. Wah I want to do this too. But of course that would cause a collective heart failure on both sides of our family. ^.^ Besides, mine is still in school so I can't drag him anywhere for "lunch"

  3. OMG Stivi. Ive been lookin at this page for 3 days now and still I dont know what to write (based on social convention or so). I so love you.

    +1 to 'Our bond is real. So is our marriage'.


  4. Awww, I am so touched. I will write some more. I just died last night in bed, I was so tired. Freakin' restless.

  5. walang kemi kemi na wedding venggang love story sana ako din chos.. I am loving your Blog Posts Girl!


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