Unfinished Scribbling

(WRITER'S NOTE. I found this unfinished scribbling saved in my flash drive. Time flew swiftly and I am finally reunited with my husband here in Oregon. I haven’t updated any of the web sites that I owned because every single day, I’d be busy with something else. Most of the time, I’d be out helping my hubby.  I believe I wrote this note last April 2011, when one afternoon sadness went down my spine and it made me powerless. All that I could do was to vent through writing and had the sheet capture my thoughts).

The adjustment phase is still making me crazy but everything at home isn’t new to me except that hubby is not there anymore whenever I reach home. John would drop everything a few minutes before 4pm because that’s the time that I get out of work. 4pm is an exciting part of the day for me too because I get to see him again, after spending eight hours at the salt mines. When my cab stops by our apartment gate, he’d be there smiling and in a snappy way, would open the door for me. I really miss our small conversations as we walk towards our unit.

I believe that’s why things are working great between us. We have real conversations, unafraid to share whatever. We’re each other’s best friends. We are not fans of online chats, we talk for real. If there’s something that needs explaining, we send emails.  And now that he’s abroad, we email a lot and talk over Skype. We love “us,” we love the idea of being partners or being in a team.

His kind of love included spoiling me by not making me work on a lot of stuff at home. As much as possible, he didn’t want me to lift a finger. Every day, I’d wake up and he’d be there making mocha or coffee for me. And while I am preparing to go to work, he’d wrap up my lunch bag, complete with sandwich and other snacks plus take-away coffee. That is so I would have mocha while on my way to work.

I remembered my first day at my new job. I sent him a message that I can’t make coffee at the pantry because  I didn’t have a mug or tumbler. Whopeedo! just a few minutes later, I got a message from him saying “Can you get the door for a second. I have delivery for you.” Yes, he got me a new tumbler plus cappuccino. Talk about being loved. Or spoiled.

Life without him will be a lot poorer, I would usually tell him. His presence just means the world to me.


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