One Photo A Day or Project 365 is taking a pause

Or has taken a pause.

If you noticed, I haven't religiously followed the prescribed schedule. There'd been some serious health concerns at the "for keeps house" and that, on top of my regular work, has been consuming all my energies and time.

Last July, I marked my second year here in the States. The original plan was for me to write a blog post about how our extremely prudent ways allowed us to survive here in the US while having a quality lifestyle. A life experience that I figured people can grab some major insights from. I also wanted to debunk some myths about this country that people back home tend to believe and present the reality. However, J and I were confronted with a health scare.

Trust me, I'd love to write and take pictures. But right now, there are bigger things that I need to attend to. It's that period in our relationship where I am required to remain clear-headed and to be the stronger person. J has always been very loving, kind and thoughtful. He has the purest soul and most selfless heart. I can't believe how this relationship has opened my whole being and revealed my ability to love unconditionally.

My life's game plan right now is to make sure that he's the happiest person on Earth everyday. I've been doing that for the past three years but I will explore more ways on how to do so. If you see me smiling at work or anywhere, it is because every minute of the day, thoughts of him and our memories would play rewind and remind me that I have to be a tougher cookie. It is unnecessary to be emotional. It is unimportant to be dramatic. It is of grave importance that my head is free from "head stuff" and mini-movies and stay on top of things. This way, I can help him chart things out and together, we can make better decisions.

I can deal with my own emotions later. But right now, I am keeping my strengths together for him, for us. This, while going to the office daily, as though nothing major is bugging me or is happening outside of work. :)


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