Breaking the silence

Life is beautiful. It's been nothing but beautiful. Even though we're still trying to recover from everything that tried to stuff hope and faith out of our systems, I can still say that in the grand scheme of things, we've been more than fortunate to keep our heads above water. Very proud of J who fought cancer with all his might.

So much has changed since I last posted an article here. I am sure that you'd understand if I was unable to find a minute to squeeze in even a one-liner. Reality consumed me whole but I liked it that way. The move from Portland to Los Angeles was in all aspects energy-draining. My new daytime job's been making me busy yet very happy. And yes, the business. We finally pushed the idea into production and everything's been nothing but challenging -- in a good way!

Amid the tangled daily realities, I still wake up each morning reaching for the man next to me, the one I am so in love with. Every breathing moment makes my heart brim with gratefulness and happiness. One year ago, J was given three weeks to live. If not the most gut-wrenching moment, that very moment was akin to being sent to hell via an express ticket. I can't describe it enough. Somehow, my confessions here should be able to paint some parts of it.

CALIFORNIA. We wake up to this view every day. 

But anyway, I will post a long one soon. This one is really just a quick update. John is doing great and heaven knows how much I'd want for him to enjoy this second or third chance at life. Sometimes, there'd be a little headache here and there but nothing that love and coffee can't fix. ;-)


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