Life so far

First, I apologize for the long silence. I know that I have to do a better job at updating this site. It's been quite a long time. So much had happened, a lot has changed. First and foremost, we received some positive news when we were in Thailand last December. John went through an extensive health check over there and albeit he's not 100% out of the woods, he is okay. John's doctors said that although the tests revealed an almost 4-inch size cyst growing on his kidney, his Mantle B-Cell Cancer is "still sleeping," no relapse in the picture yet. So I feel grateful and appreciative of the fact that we still have plenty of time to create memories together. That for me is the best gift. I couldn't ask for more.

Another thing that I am happy to share is that the business is growing so I am focusing on it more now. Yes, full-time. One major perk of staying at home for this job is that I get to spend each day with John. We can stop for coffee anytime, bake or cook, do chores together and what not. I am also having fun updating our website, taking more photos and connecting with other small business owners.

I will be sharing some pics from our recent trip to Asia but here's one of the MAIN reasons why we were in Chiang Mai, Thailand--to enjoy the best pizza in the world at La Lanterna de Genova.

If I could name one reason that makes #ChiangMai #Thailand extra special or one reason why #ilovechiangmai, it is the fact that the best pizza in the world can be found here. Luca and Ariya at La Lanterna de Genova makes the kind that melts in your mouth, that's very light and filling at the same time, and one that doesn't make you thirsty. This #italianrestaurant only uses homemade sauces (Luca makes them) and also offers other dishes. I've always disliked pizza but now I know why. It is because I never had a real one! #pizza #foodphotography #steak #reviewchiangmai #ChiangMaiThailand #ChiangMaiCafe #chiangmai_instagram #chiangmaitrip #thailandphotography #thailand_instagram #wheretoeat #experiencechiangmai #explorethailand #amazingthailand #homemade #discoverthailand #igersthailand #instatravels #travelthailand #travel #traveldiaries #iphone6splus #igers #salad #lostinthailand #lifeinthailand
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I see myself allocating more time for this blog soon so if you have questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.


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