Project 365: One Photo A Day #019

Happy to call this quaint town our home! I've never heard of it but instantly fell in love when we made our fateful Hazel Street turn last Memorial Weekend. Then we left Los Angeles and moved here a few weeks later. My dream for Gridley is for human greed to not discover it. But because I love this city, let me share with you why we moved here when it was clear that this town has nothing to offer except fresh air (one of the best in the US, according to City Data), as-far-as-you-can-see orchards and farms (almond, walnuts, kiwi, peaches, pomegranates, watermelon, nectarines, apples, pistachios), charming lakes and rivers, very humble and peace-loving police officers and firemen, friendly locals, quiet (almost-dead) downtown, and before I forget--affordable commercial spaces for small businesses. We don't have good restaurants here. No good coffee shops either. Just some faux places that pretend they make drinkable coffee. No malls, which is great.

Its nothingness is what makes it beautiful. 

The famous (yet challenging to photograph) Historic Downtown Gridley sign in Gridley, CA. 

It is what inspired our decision to move. We can focus on our goals. We are not in the thick of things anymore, unlike when we were in LA. We have a chance to grow the business while at the same time being a major part of the Gridley community's re-building efforts. We're a Highway 99 city so trucking and other logistics won't be a problem. We're 45 minutes away from Sacramento and about 3 hours away from Sacramento. Internet connection for business is reasonable. Water, Electric and Gas companies are reliable. No clogged traffic to deal with around here. Best of all, we have very supportive folks at the Town Hall. So if you're like us and you have huge business dreams but you're on a limited budget, this place is just the perfect area for you to get started. Come and help us stimulate the business atmosphere in Gridley. Or probably encourage your children to start one while they're young. If you're opening a coffee shop, please serve drinkable black coffee.


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